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The benefits will be excellent!

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Enrichment Adviser and part of the Salus Prime family.

Getting started on the road to Financial Freedom is quick and easy. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll soon own your own business.

Enrichment Advisers who join with the FREE Membership will have up to 30 days to advance to the Advanced Membership.

All Enrichment Advisers are required to acquire an Opportunity at the time of submission of their Enrichment Adviser application to Salus Prime. This Membership comes with 2 options for everyone. Please choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and income:

1. FREE Membership with information to start your business: This option enrolls you in Salus Prime but you will need to sell or buy products to meet your Monthly Qualification of $99.95. We made a point not to have the Monthly Qualification to be earned from a Enrichment Advisers personal pocket therefore they can earn it through personal sales of $99.95 in product or a combination of your personal sales and personal purchases. Qualifying for your Monthly Qualification as a Active Enrichment Adviser offers the privilege to start earning commissions on levels 1 through 7 immediately as earned.

2. Join at the Advanced Membership for $299.95. This Membership is 2 part, $199.95 covers the product cost, commissions and meets the 1st months Monthly Qualification. Choosing this option makes you an Active Enrichment Adviser and you have the privilege to start earnings on levels 1 through 7 immediately as earned.

When you choose Advanced Membership, you will receive:

  • 4 piece Silver Aspen skin care system (which will meet your 1st month’s Monthly Qualification)
  • 1 – 3 Day Vacation with Airfare
  • 1 – 8 Day Resort/Condominium National/International Vacation! Please go to our Prosperity Plan to view the details.

The remaining $100.00 of the $299.95 cost is not a service or franchise fee, but rather is strictly to offset costs incurred by Salus Prime and pays for the first year’s membership in Salus Prime and the 2 complimentary vacations, educational and/or business materials required for an Enrichment Adviser of Salus Prime.

Benefits OF Becoming a Advanced Member:

a.) You start drawing commissions on all levels 1 through 7 immediately

b.) You can order product from that moment forward from the members area a savings over retail of approximately 30% on all personal products

c.) To be certain an Enrichment Adviser earns commissions each month he/she should take advantage of our Auto Ship program. This is NOT a requirement, however, it is an option we have provided for each Enrichment Adviser

d.) Enrichment Advisers do not need to have a certain dollar volume within their organization or have sponsored a certain amount of people to start earning their commissions

e.) Place your spouse on your 7th level and receive the option to double and potentially triple your income by building and receiving 14 levels deep

f.) Once an active Enrichment Adviser is earning $2,500.00 in any month they will have the option to receive all or part of their pay in Gold. (View the Prosperity Plan)

g.) Replicated website and Real Time Back Office for the 1st six months FREE, thereafter only $20.00 per $5,000 in earnings per month.

h.) Online marketing materials, videos, and training

I.) Opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur

j.) Active Enrichment Advisers will have access to other incentives and bonuses as may be offered by corporate

k.) We offer our Active Enrichment Advisers the privilege to earn a Family Health Insurance policy based on the insurance company excepting that member of the house hold. Corporate’s responsibility is to pay for your monthly policy! Should you already have a policy we will pick up your policy payment based on qualification.

Additional Benefits and Incentives:


Salus Prime, LLC has been working on an incentive program with Tesla Auto on behalf of our Active Enrichment Advisers for quite some time. Once again Salus Prime brings you only the best. We are extremely excited and feel very blessed to announce once you the active Enrichment Adviser reach a certain qualification level you will receive a “Tesla Model S Sedan”, complete with their premium package with the charging kit which comes fully loaded with option to receive the title of your “Tesla Model S Sedan”.

Yes, the active Enrichment Adviser will actually have the option to own the title.

We make the down payment and your payments and we pay for full coverage insurance as long as we (corporate) are still making the payments. This is the process until the “Tesla Model S Sedan” is paid off in full and we pass the title on to you.


When you join at the Advanced Membership level you will receive 2  vacations. 1 – 3 Day Vacation with Airfare and 1 – 8 Day National/International vacation!

A 3 Day – 2 Night Complementary Vacation for 2 with Airfare

No timeshares or sales presentations. Guaranteed!

No timeshares or sales presentations. Guaranteed!

You will pay a one time $50.00 registration fee, you will not have any other financial obligation till you actually make your vacation arrangements which you will have 1 year to complete your vacation of choice.

When you call to make your vacation arrangements you will be responsible for a payment of $199.00 per person to cover taxes, fees, etc. required by the hotel or airlines. Keep in mind holidays, weekends and special events may have limited availability. You are responsible for all expenses such as food, gratuities, and etc.


This vacation is based on promotions: example, with empty rooms or suites and empty airline seats meaning you may or may not sit beside one another on the airline. Enrichment Advisers will have up to 12 months to complete and return from your vacation. This offer is only good for Continental United States Citizens and up-grades, meaning other adults, children, tickets to events and other upgrades and expanding your vacation may be available upon request at additional cost. Only one vacation with airfare plus hotel per household every 12 months. This vacation is null and void where prohibited by law. The terms of this vacation are subject to change without notice. Should this ever happen corporate will provide you with one of the same or better value. Currently this Vacation includes Las Vegas NV, Orlando FL and New Orleans LA and many other destinations.

You are responsible for all expenses such as food, gratuities, and etc..

Send us Pictures, testimonies, DVD etc we would love for you to share with us your experience.

You ask how can we supply these vacations?

Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services. They know you and your family may use their in-house restaurants, room service, casinos, stay longer and even future bookings, etc.

The fact is you win because you receive a lovely vacation. The hotels win because they gain additional revenue from other areas of their property that they otherwise would not have been able to get and they also have a new client that may book with them in the future.

You will receive your vacation with your order.

We contract with the world leading hotel chains and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms.

We have done the work for you, now all you have to do is enjoy.

For all sales outside the 48 Continental United States we offer a different vacation.


An 8 Day 7 Night vacation

Enjoy an 8 day luxurious vacation. With 3,500 destinations available in the USA and Worldwide you may have to do some serious thinking to choose. Each of us have had dreams of where we would like to visit throughout the world, now this is your opportunity.

Once you have received your certificate for the vacation, you would then contact the affiliated agency to discuss destinations. Through our connection with a large agency we are able to offer vacations around the world. In the case of the vacation connected with this offer air fare is not included. You are responsible for fees and taxes as well as gratuities, which will never be more than $500.00 per family of 4 or less for the full 8 days.

We would love for you to send us your videos, testimonies beautiful pictures once you get back home we would love to share them with others on the web site with your consent.

If you are going on this vacation to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary we recommend that you tell your broker or the hotel or resort for special accommodations bonuses or incentives while you’re on your vacation. They may not be able to offer you anything, however it is possible they may.

If you would like upgrades such as to extend your vacation for more nights or take other adults or more children with you be sure to make that request to your broker. They may or may not be able to accomplish it but it is worth a try. Keep in mind anytime an upgrade is requested you will have to pay the difference, even if they can accommodate you and give you a great deal.

When you are taking children make sure you cover all you concerns for them. Be certain to check if any coupons or offers are available for the children.

Golfers, you may want to purchase extra games and ask if you can get green fees covered. Again they may or may not be able to help you!

You pay for you flight expenses, food, entertainment and etc. other than that you have no expenses concerning the actual vacation of resort/condo/hotel expenses except what’s on the certificate itself.

You may also want to check on flight insurance.

Your broker has nothing to do with the flight itself. You make and pay for all of your airline expenses. However you may save hundreds of dollars by making your flight reservations anywhere from 1 to 3 months ahead of time. Flight cost may affect the time of the year you’re vacation is used.

You may want to start throwing your family change in a jar throughout the the months to come so that you can take a very nice vacation.

Notice should your vacation become any where that is dangerous to any member of your family, you may be notified to exchange your location. Please keep in mind when you register your vacation you want to be sure that you give them 2 to 3 different dates and destinations when you are ready to take your vacation.

We recommend you don’t jump on the first vacation you see available, It changes often with new exciting places.

Once you make your actual purchase you may or may not be able to exchange.


You may need passports or other documentation. Miscellaneous details such as these are your responsibility.

Our charity: St. Jude’s Children Hospital. St. Jude’s Children Hospital puts helping people first, they receive no help from the government, and take extremely good care of all the families they help – not limited to the actual medical expenses. We have chosen this as our LOVE charity! So every you make a purchase are helping those beautiful children and their families.


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