What our Purity Prime Water System removes

What our Purity Prime systems remove.

Our 99.9999% pure Silver Bar in conjunction with our oxygenation molecule and our exclusive Micro Magnetic Break Through Technology assures you of the highest quality water coming into your home or business.

  • 500 BC Greeks, Romans use silver vessels for water purification.

  • 1800’s Doctors used silver sutures in surgical wounds.

  • Pioneers and frontier settlers used silver coins in their drinking water and milk to prevent spoilage.

  • 1970’s NASA scientists developed silver ion technology to purify drinking water for space shuttle orbiters. Ionics incorporates NASA technology into household water treatment systems. Silver ion technology is part of their water treatment systems.

Additional oxygen in water is important for your health.

Silver technology is just one part of our Whole House Water System Protection. Silver is a naturally occurring and highly effective antimicrobial agent. Silver has been known for centuries, to have antimicrobial properties and is effective in fighting a wide range of microbes. Silver provides many benefits over other anti-microbials such as chlorine, ammonia or alcohol. Silver has been proven to be safe with no toxic effects on people, plants or animals.

Viruses, bacteria, molds, spores and fungi are destroyed by contact with silver and it’s ions.

We use a solid 1-ounce bar of .9999 percent pure Silver. Our bar is perforated so water contact with the Silver is more efficient. Our Silver technology uses microscopic Solid Silver Bars and NOT just particles of silver or colloidal silver which are embedded into a filter media.  Because our filter media contains potent silver ions microbes growth is inhibited within the filter media bed of the water system. It also helps to  remove or reduce tastes, odors and chlorine.

Our Scientist has long term experience in environmental science and engineering and specializes in water treatment. This experience was poured into the years it took to develop this system. Purity Prime uses the most advanced science and technology to make possible the best home water treatment system available. It provides the best water quality, leaving no contaminants or toxic compounds that could compromise your health.

Most water systems lack efficiency. Our Purity Prime System maximizes the extension of the saturation point and extents your water purification system’s life. We also use an extra chamber to introduce the additional oxygen molecule in the water. This helps accelerate the bodies healing process at the cellular structural level.

Contaminants enter the water supply in many ways, through landfills, deteriorating underground storage tanks, industrial waste, leaching pipes, pesticides, and herbicides, aging municipal water treatments, etc… Some contaminants occur naturally in water while others are introduced. Some individuals contribute to water contamination by dumping home chemicals such as used car oils, and solvents.

NSF Certification


Purity Prime Whole House Water Purification System

Product Performance Tested and Verified

This System has been tested and certified by NSF International to comply with its ANSI/NSF Standards for the reduction of specific contaminants being considered as established or potential health hazards.


◊          Taste, Odors and Chlorine (Class 1)

◊          Lead

◊          Trihalomethanes (TTHM)

◊          Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC)


(Filter life will vary)

◊          Particulate Matter down to 0.5 micrometers

◊          Asbestos

◊          Cysts (Giardia; Cryptosporidium)

◊          Turbidity

The following NSF Tables are the allowable claims for Volatile Organic Compounds. Chloroform was used as a substitute for VOC claims reduction. Purity Prime Counter Top Purification System tested at 99.9% actual reduction of chloroform.

VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS                                   Percent Reduced


carbofuran                                                                                    >99%

dibromochloropropane (DBCP)                                               >99%

o – dichlorobenzene                                                                   >99%

p – dichlorobenzene                                                                   >98%

endrin                                                                                           >99%

ethylene dibromide (EDB)                                                        >99%

heptachlor                                                                                    >99%

heptachlor epoxide                                                                     >99%

lindane                                                                                          >99%

methoxychlor                                                                              >99%

VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS                                   Percent Reduced


alachlor                                                                                        >98%

atrazine                                                                                        >97%

2, 4 – D                                                                                        >98%

dinoseb                                                                                        >99%

pentachlorophenol                                                                    >99%

2, 4, 5 – TP (silvex)                                                                   >99%


benzene                                                                                        >99%

carbon tetrachloride                                                                  >98%

chlorobenzene                                                                             >99%

1, 2 – dichloroethane                                                                  >95%

1, 1 – dichloroethylene                                                               >99%

cis – 1, 2 – dichloroethylene                                                     >99%

trans – 1, 2 – dichloroethylene                                                >99%

1, 2 – dichloropropane                                                               >99%

cis – 1, 3 – dichloropropylene                                                  >99%

ethylbenzene                                                                               >99%

hexachlorobutadiene                                                                 >98%

hexachlorocyclopentadiene                                                      >99%

simazine                                                                                       >97%

styrene                                                                                          >99%

1, 1, 2, 2 – tetrachloroethane                                                    >99%

tetrachloroethylene                                                                   >99%

toluene                                                                                         >99%

1, 2, 4 –trichlorobenzene                                                           >99%

1, 1, 1 – trichloroethane                                                             >95%

1, 1, 2 – trichloroethane                                                            >99%

trichloroethylene                                                                       >99%

trihalomethanes (surrogate)                                                   >99%

xylenes (total)                                                                            >99%

Performance Data Sheet

All components for the Purity Prime Whole House Water Purifying System have  been Tested and Certified by NSF

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Thank you for selecting Purity Prime Whole House Water Purifying System to meet your needs for quality drinking water. You have acquired one of the finest drinking water treatment devises available for the reduction of contaminants of health concerns. As a thank you for your purchase replacement filters for the Purity Prime Whole House Water Purifying System are complimentary from Purity Prime for the period of 3 years from the date of purchase.