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Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant Blend 8 oz.


To receive the full benefits of Silver Aspen skin care trio we strongly recommend  using our soothing Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant

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Product Description

Silver Aspen Facial Exotic Cleanser/Exfoliant

Cleaning your skin gently is very important, even if you do not live or work in a polluted city. We developed Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant as a soothing cleanser and moisturizer, to gently clean your face and prepare it for our luxurious skin care treatment.

We recommend using our Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant to remove oils and residual make-up from your skin. These steps help to assure the maximum effects from our skin care, use our one of a kind fantastic soothing foaming Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant combination. It is a complex formula of natural ingredients for a deep cleanse, maintaining and clarifying the skin deep into the cellular layers.

To keep your skin healthy and moisturized you need clean exfoliated skin. The ingredients in our wonderful Silver Aspen skin care formulas will help your skin to keep pollutants out. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Active Peptides, Essential fatty acids, Essential oils and other vitamins will help your skin stay healthy long-term. And if you are planning to live a long and fruitful life, you’re long term health and looks are very important.

Our soothing Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant blend also helps to restore the natural pH balance to your skin.

All of our products undergo our exclusive proprietary Micro Magnetic Ionic Process. This removes all scents and color from our products which is a deliberate intent. However, because we use essential oils as part of this formula it is possible that there will be some light residual scent from those essential oils. Rest assured though that these are natural and not added as man made perfumes.

We use natural ingredients for elasticity and botanical oils with hydrating herbal extracts for deep cleansing and exfoliation.

Application for our Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant

Pump about a teaspoon (men about a tablespoon) of foam onto clean fingertips and apply to clean dry face, throat and décolleté and massage in circular motion leaving on face, throat and décolleté area (avoiding the eye area) for one minute.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat your face, neck and delicate skin with soft dry towel.

Active Ingredients for Pure Cleanser & Exfoliant: Oxygenated Water, diluted vegetable glycerin, aloe vera extract, theo and miracle tree bean oil, vitamin E oil, organic botanicals, ionic minerals, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Our products are processed with our exclusive breakthrough technology called Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process.


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