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PowerPac Promotion


PowerPac Promo!

Designed as a brain and body nutrient. This promotional offering is for 1 pouch of PowerPac it comes with an 8 day National/International vacation.

If you would like to become an Enrichment Adviser the PowerPac 2Pac with 1 vacation for you and one for a friend who joins at the FREE Membership is available. Please Become a member here. Once you join the promo for 2 is available in the members area.

1Pac $9.95 S&H

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Product Description

PowerPac was designed to be a general nutrition supplement and a Smart Product. It is the precursor to Balance Prime and supports brain functions such as memory, and clear thinking while minimizing mood swings, stress, anxiety, and depression. It nourishes the nervous system and many other functions connected to the brain while at the same time strengthening the immune system and supporting weight loss.

This is a Special Promotion with only 1,000 PowerPac pouches available. These are available as orders of 2 packs, each at $69.95 or individually. Worldwide shipment available! There are only a total of 1,000 pouches, when these are gone, prices go up and the special vacation option disappears.

When signing up for the Advanced Membership as an Enrichment Adviser you will receive: 2 pouches, that is a 2 month supply of PowerPac, with an 8 day National/International Vacation for your use. You also receive an additional vacation to give to any individual who joins as part of the FREE Membership.

1 PowerPac – 30% product discount, cost $49.95 plus $9.95 Shipping and Handling with a 8 day National/International Vacation.

Please note: The PowerPac pouches were printed listing the weight of 16oz. Since printing the product has been reformulated making a smaller amount more efficient. Consequently the packages now contain roughly 10oz but are still an approximate 30 day supply.

Once you purchase the PowerPac the Vacation Certificate will be available for download.

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