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NHG Prime – 3 month supply


NHG Prime

Natural Hair Grow System – 3 month supply.

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Product Description

This is an All in One product for hair!

Hair growth, thickener, adds volume, sheen, repair, helps correct split ends, helps minimize breakage and supports all round healthy, beautiful hair.

Green, Organic, Raw, Wild ingredients.

It is 100% Natural.

Non GMO and no animal testing!

Natural Hair Grow System. NHG Prime

It was and is a miracle developed buy the founder of Salus Prime.

Are you someone who feels like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked? Don’t give up, take a look at NHG Prime, we believe you’ll be satisfied and inspired by the results.

Most of us suffer from hair loss at one time or another, some at a very young, many during our prime middle age years and the rest of us in our elderly years but almost all of us eventually.

NHG Prime is a multiple function hair treatment for normal yet fast hair growth. One of the prominent ingredients in NHG Prime is Bhringahj, this plant has been known and used for hair growth and to enrich the hair follicle for deep rich natural color for hundreds of years. Regular massaging with Bhringahj oil improves blood circulation in the scalp which helps revitalize the hair follicles and promotes growth of hair.

Bhringahj is great when used alone, however when used with our NHG Prime’s combination of synergistically designed ingredients, miracles take place and it is more than just our hair growth and color enrichment. Many times it will tend to turn hair from gray back to it’s natural color. However, how it acts may depend on the DNA of an individual. With NHG Prime’s formula it is all about all around renewed strong healthy hair.

These are just some of our other ingredients:


We use the most expensive oil known to man in NHG Prime, Saffron Oil. Our saffron comes from the high mountains of the Himalayas.

Grown by a family which started out very small and now is one of the largest in the Himalaya Mountains. Our saffron is grown on virgin land and therefore is a bright red saffron.

The Theo and Miracle Tree oils:

They come from the Rain Forest and are grown on virgin land.

Oxygenated water:

Oxygenated water provides oxygen to the follicle of the hair.

Vegetable glycerin:

Vegetable glycerin assist with adding volume to the hair and helping it thicken.

Aloe Vera 200:1 concentrate:

Organic Aloe Vera assist in all aspects of hair growth and healthy hair, skin and nails. Aloe Vera provides rich potent nutrients and antioxidants fighting the free radicals that attack your scalp. It assist in all aspects of healthy hair skin and nails.

Certified Organic Hemp Oil:

It is from Canada and is high in CBD yet without THC and builds collagen and elasticity and helps to repair and strengthen hair and promote sheen and bountiful growth. It gives you healthy beautiful hair with volume and thickness improving the overall health of the hair, hair follicle and scalp. It is GMO Free.

Organic Avocado Oil:

Avocado oil is wonderful for your hair gives your hair that silky luxurious look however keep in mind avocado oil will also keep your hair from lathering up like you normally expect.


This is the most potent essential oil in this product.
We use only the top of the fresh flower of the Lavender plant!
Once they smell our lavender they know it is everything we say it to be.
No other lavender has this wonderful organic, green. fresh, raw fragrance.
It is certified organic. Additional benefits of Lavender listed below.

International ingredients:

Hemp Oil which is grown in Canada, Theo Bean Oil, Miracle Tree Bean Oil which come from the Rain Forest. Saffron which is from the high mountains of the Himalayas.

The stock from which these ingredients are derived are grown on virgin land. Never augmented with man made chemicals or corrupted.

Natural Ingredients in NHG Prime:

Oxygenated water, vegetable gelatin, aloe vera 200:1 concentrate. Essential Organic Oils: hemp seed, ginger, argon, lavender, hibiscus, avocado, olive, walnut, almond, lemongrass, grape seed, peppermint, basil, Bhringahj, coconut, sesame, chamomile, calendula, thyme, rosemary, sage, castor oil, carrot oil, Myrrh, Frankincense, tea tree oil, Theo and Miracle Tree Oil, horsetail, saw palmetto, garlic, ginseng, green tea, Biotin and Vitamin C, Emu oil and saffron oil.


NHG Prime hair growth system has been clinically used and 97% of African Americans, 95% of Caucasian Americans and 92% Asians reported great results. This includes hair growth, thinning hair, volume, thickness and other hair problems. No animal testing!

NHG Prime hair growth system does have a 90 day warranty.

Due to the nature of this particular product NHG Prime, we do have a 100% money back guarantee, however it is based on a customer using it consistently for 90 consecutive days. If, after 90 days, you have not received any beneficial hair results from our NHG Prime then you can send the containers back to corporate and we will return your money less a 20% restocking fee. (Keep all your containers and the receipts). That’s how much we believe in NHG Prime.

Notice: this product is not under warranty when used LESS than 90 consecutive days.

We truly believe this to be the best hair grow product on the market made anywhere in the world today.

People are experiencing new hair growth, filled in hair in bald gaps and all around healthier and shinier hair in as little as 3 months with many seeing benefits within 2 weeks.

During the next 90 consecutive days you’ll see new, better volume, and thicker hair as well.

Once you have used NHG Prime hair growth system for 90 days or longer:

Please send us a detailed testimony. Please include pictures, DVD, Audio, with before and after shots, and other personal experiences from using NHG Prime and receive a complementary vacation!

Additional ingredient information:


Lavender is being used by the medical profession for diabetic symptoms. It is known to be excellent in mood control and relieving stress and depression and anxiety for adults. The purposes of this ingredient could take all day to list. You may experience a lot of these from the smell, it is the most potent ingredient in marvelous hair grow system. The Medical field has found it to be highly beneficial in treating neurological disorders of the brain such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory difficulties.

Studies have shown it actually decreases brain stress and cognitive impairment. The Stems and leaves are often used to treat the digestive track.

Lavender oil is considered by many to be the most pleasant fragrance known to man. Even if used in excessive amounts. It is the most used essential oil in the world. It has been used for almost 4000 years with references from ancient Egypt and the Bible. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and it has anti-depressant, anti-microbial properties. In Christianity and many other religions and cultures it is known for its anointing and healing powers.

It is a calming and soothing oil and works on all five senses.

Lavender oil is used in many cosmetics especially organic and natural cosmetics.

It has been used therapeutically for centuries for many different purposes.

It has been used in some of the most expensive perfumes. The aromatherapy aspects of Lavender puts it in a class of its own.


How to use this product?

Step 1

NHG Prime hair growth system is ONLY for External use!

Separate your hair and rub one drop at a time onto the scalp and gently massage into the scalp 2 to 4 minutes once you have it applied.

Use any time of the day. It was designed for everyone man, women and child over 3, any hair style, type, color or colored hair including braids etc.

To use it on a younger child consult with your Doctor!

While using this treatment where possible only wash your hair once a week and even then only wash as gently as possible.

Step 2 – Biotin Capsules, How to use?

Biotin is taken internal.

2 capsules daily.

NOTICE: Do not use step 2 the Biotin capsules for anyone under 18 years of age without going through your doctor first.


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