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The benefits will be excellent!

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an ENRICHMENT ADVISER and part of the Salus Prime family.

Getting started on the road to Financial Freedom is quick and easy. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll soon own your own business.

Everyone has to sign up and register to become an Enrichment Adviser whether it be FREE or at this $199.95 Advanced Membership level.

Enrichment Advisers who join with the FREE Membership will have up to 30 days to advance to the Advanced Membership by purchasing it for $199.95, they will receive the product and the 5 day vacation at that time and their Monthly Qualification will be met for that month! After 30 days the special vacation option with the product will no longer be available to members who join free. But there will be other opportunities!

We provide you with best Leaders. Their goal is to support you! Our Leaders have your back. They will help you build a fantastic successful business. They are part of the corporate staff and do not build a personal down-line. So please take this advantage of their talents and learn from the best, take hold of their coat tail and hang on for the ride of your life. We promise they will set you down on solid safe successful ground.

Take advantage of this privilege that brings to you tools to help you optimize your health, the health of others and improve your financial future?

Salus Prime realizes the hardship that this economy has had on individuals and wants to give everyone, regardless of their current financial situation, an equal opportunity for increased income. No one needs to be left behind due to finances, we offer a FREE Membership. However please remember this option does not come with product or a complimentary vacation.

When you sign up at the $199.95 Advanced Membership you receive extra benefits. Keep in mind you will have up to 30 days to advance.

Salus Prime is a company where all profits are paid on the gross dollar!

You will also receive the following privileges and benefits including your choice of one of the following products each being approximately a 1 month supply:

  • 4 piece Silver Aspen skincare system.
  • Balance Prime

1. Corporate uses $99.95 of the $199.95 Advanced Membership to qualify Enrichment Advisers to meet their Monthly Qualification for that month. They can then start drawing commissions on all levels 1 through 7 immediately and they can order product from that moment forward from the members area a savings over retail of approximately 30% on all personal products. We feel the best way for Enrichment Advisers to be certain they earn commissions each month is for them to take advantage of our Auto Ship program. This is NOT necessary, however, it is an option we have provided for each Enrichment Adviser. Enrichment Advisers do not need to have a certain dollar volume within their organization or have sponsored a certain amount of people to start earning their commissions for that month. Thereafter they simply meet their Monthly Qualification for each month in the future and Auto Ship assures them it has been met and there is no need to be concerned about it.

2. The remaining $100.00 pays for the actual one year Membership

3. You receive basic nutritional training

4. Payment is made based on gross dollar

5. Build Unlimited downlines – set your own income

6. Place your spouse on your 7th level and receive the option to double and potentially triple your income by building and receiving 14 levels deep

7. Once an active Enrichment Adviser is earning $2,500.00 in any month they will have the option to receive all or part of their pay in Gold. (View the Prosperity Plan)

8. Replicated website and Real Time Back Office for six months FREE, thereafter only $20.00 per $5,000 in earnings per month. Coming Soon

9. Online marketing materials, videos, and training

10. Opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur

11. Active Enrichment advisers will have access to other incentives and bonuses as may be offered by corporate.

Additional Benefits and Incentives:

Health Insurance:

We offer our Active Enrichment Adviser a Family Health Insurance policy (for a legal husband and wife and all children under 18 or based on your present policy) based on the insurance company excepting that member of the house hold. Corporate’s responsibility is to pay for your monthly policy! Should you already have a policy we will pick up your policy payment based on the following qualification.

How does an Active Enrichment Adviser receive Family Health Insurance paid by Corporate? Once your 1st through 7th level organizational with unlimited downlines has a volume that is $150,000.00 per month you will receive a Family Health Insurance.


Salus Prime, LLC has been working on an incentive program with Tesla Auto on behalf of our Active Enrichment Advisers for quite some time. Once again Salus Prime brings you only the best. We are extremely excited and feel very blessed to announce once you the active Enrichment Adviser reach a certain qualification level you will receive a “Tesla Model S Sedan”, complete with their premium package with the charging kit which comes fully loaded with option to receive the title of your “Tesla Model S Sedan”.

Yes, the active Enrichment Adviser will actually have the option to own the title.

We make the down payment and your payments and we pay for full coverage insurance as long as we (corporate) are still making the payments. This is the process until the “Tesla Model S Sedan” is paid off in full and we pass the title on to you.

How does an Active Enrichment Adviser receive a “Tesla Model S Sedan”? Once your 1st through 7th level organizational volume is $350,000.00 per month you will receive a “Tesla Model S Sedan” within 30 days. No, this is not an overnight process however it gives you a goal to work toward.

If for whatever reason the Active Enrichment Adviser is unable to maintain the necessary organizational volume, the only change is the Active Enrichment Adviser must then assume car payments and insurance payments. As long as that continues the car is theirs, and when the car is paid off they will receive the title!

Vacation Bonus:

We are pleased to offer a complementary vacation, this will be a promotional vacation that we are offering at that particular given time. You will receive all the information and details with your vacation.

We have done the work for you, now all you have to do is share it with others.

Annual Renewal Fee: will pay a $49.95 renewal fee (they will receive a product of that value or more) within one year of signing up to continue on the road to success being a Enrichment Adviser.

Salus Prime Donates a % of every sale to St Judes Children’s Hospital.


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