Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process


An ionic mineral is defined as a mineral that has a positive or negative charge; when surrounded by water, it will conduct electricity. This ionic state enhances the mineral’s ability to bind readily with water and makes it possible for the body to better absorb it, greatly improving the efficiency of that mineral. Only ionic minerals go into Salus Prime’s Ionic Prime mineral supplement. We do not extract them from plants; they are the actual plants that have washed into the Great Salt Lake, and with the help of the sun and time evolved into “Ionic” form.

While regular vitamins and minerals go over 90% unabsorbed by your body, you will get the full benefit of the vitamins and minerals found here at Salus Prime the ionic way!

Micro Magnetic is a phrase that describes the electrical field of the human body. When something impure interrupts that field, our pH system becomes unbalanced. Here at Salus Prime, we have found a way to remove the harmful metals from our minerals with our invention which works with ions to enhance the body’s micro-magnetic field. We call it theMicro-Magnetic Ionic Process“. This invention increases the energy field and other attributes of our products, overriding the effects of otherwise harmful materials.

ThisMicro-Magnetic Ionic Process” is exclusive to Salus Prime.

The heaviest concentration of minerals form in fabricated lakes (ponds), which is where Salus Prime harvests the minerals for their products. After a period of about eighteen months, the sun causes the water to evaporate leaving a concentration of ionic minerals. These minerals contain large concentrations of mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromides, and other trace elements. We believe the evaporation andMicro-Magnetic Ionic Processcontributes to the amazing therapeutic effect of Ionic Prime mineral supplement.

There is only one highly effective path to a perfectly balanced mineral supplement-through the use of natural ionic minerals. All the ionic minerals in Ionic Prime are in their natural state. The “Micro-Magnetic Ionic Processenhances the effect of each mineral.

Minerals play a vital role in our lives. Every moment of your life, your body relies on minerals to generate and conduct the tiny electrical impulses that keep you alive. Without these ions and the resulting electric current they help generate, not even a single muscle, including your heart would be able to function. Your brain, nerves-even your cells would be unable to function properly.

Major minerals such as calcium and magnesium are important for the formation and maintenance of our skeletal structure, bones and teeth. Trace minerals like chromium, selenium and zinc play a critical role in the formation of enzymes. For life to exist, there must be a continuous flow of electricity, combined with adequate oxygen from the air we breathe to draw necessary current. When there is no electrical impulse in the brain, it ceases to function.


Electrolytes regulate the nervous system and the muscles, including the heart. Sodium and potassium work with water retained in the body to help the heart and muscles work properly.  Often, people ignore or don’t understand the importance of electrolytes. Without them, dehydration and diseases can develop, especially in the elderly.

We hear much about sodium and little about potassium;  potassium may well be the cornerstone of the electrolytes. Potassium acts as a cellular “gate” and helps to keep unwanted minerals from being absorbed.  Many people are dangerously deficient in potassium. One cause could be excessive table salt.  Table salt is salt that has had virtually all of the minerals needed in the body removed- although iodine is often added.  The resulting “table salt” is almost pure sodium chloride. The majority of “table salt” we ingest does not come from the salt shaker; the manufacturer adds it to food during processing.

We typically need lower concentrations of sodium and higher concentrations of other minerals such as potassium. Potassium works in unison with sodium to help control heart rhythm, muscle coordination, muscle contraction, and the body’s acid/alkaline balance. An increase in salt promotes the risk of high blood pressure and causes an imbalance of sodium and potassium. This can increase the risk of the very problems the electrolytes work together to control.

Potassium is also essential for converting glucose or blood sugar to glycogen, which is the type of sugar stored in the liver. Without adequate potassium intake, athletes and other physically active individuals cannot store sugar they need. The most common symptoms of potassium deficiency are fatigue and muscle weakness, which is disturbing to the average person, but can prove devastating to an athlete.

The kidneys and the adrenal gland produce aldosterone and other substances that control the balance of fluid in the body. When aldosterone levels increase, excretion of urine decreases. Conversely, as mineral levels increase, aldosterone decreases and urinary excretion increases. Several factors including diet can interfere with this regulatory process.

Low or high pH, poor blood circulation, and cellular imbalance can cause a wide-range of disease.  Potassium deficiency in particular can cause low blood pressure, muscle twitches and spasms, convulsions and/or seizures, nausea and/or vomiting, abdominal cramping, rapid or irregular heartbeat, constipation and/or diarrhea and fatigue. Cramps are a warning sign of potassium deficiency and possible deficiencies of magnesium, calcium or zinc. Cramps in the heart can even trigger a heart fibrillation.

Causes of electrolyte deficiency include heat exhaustion, a poor diet, cortisone therapy, diuretics, diarrhea and dehydration and/or over-hydration. Other causes include high-dose penicillin treatment, chronic abuse of laxatives, vomiting, sweating, and even exercise. We lose water through sweat, and we lose sodium and potassium through the loss of water.

One answer to electrolyte imbalance is an adequate intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Cantaloupe, orange juice, bananas, and buckwheat are excellent sources of potassium. Herbs and spices can also be an exciting salt substitute, adding interesting and exotic flavors to the diet. Supplements can also restore balance to electrolyte levels.


The pH balance which one may test using his or her saliva and urine shows whether the body contains enough alkaline minerals. The average pH ranges for saliva and urine are 6.0- 6.8. Any pH below 6.5 would be too acidic and above 7.5 too alkaline. When your body’s pH level becomes too high, the condition called alkalosis occurs. When your body’s pH level becomes too low other problems arise including some fatal diseases. Balancing the body’s Micro-magnetic field with the pH and alkalinity at healthy levels could turn back your biological clock creating better health and increased longevity. The alkaline and acid balance regulates many functions including breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination, hormonal production, and immunity. Physicians have used ionic minerals to aid in improving these functions.

Mineral assimilation is impossible without an adequate and balanced supply of calcium, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, or other alkaline minerals. If deficient in calcium, for example, the body has to literally borrow calcium from its bones to survive. Ionic Prime and Balance Prime energizer can assist in alleviating potential assimilation problems.

As we age, the body also may extract calcium from bones to balance the blood and body pH. Bones then become brittle causing a higher probability in developing osteoporosis. When acid wastes enter our bloodstream, the blood – in order to maintain the correct healthy pH range – must store the wastes somewhere in the body, which over time will burden the entire body. Stress, whether physical or mental creates even more acid.

Calcium, potassium and sodium are in constant need of replacement to keep the detoxification process going. The body needs extra amounts of minerals and trace minerals after an illness or stress. They are also necessary for growing children, as well as anyone performing strenuous physical exercise.

There is nothing as important as good health. With a little extra care, you can achieve and maintain good health and a longer life while feeling better and looking younger! Supplement your diet with ionic minerals in the form of Ionic Prime to assist you in maintaining a balance of minerals as well as other essential nutrients.

Blood cell analysis researchers have noted a common condition in many people’s blood consistency suffering physical abnormalities.  Called “sticky blood,” under a microscope it closely resembles a roll of pennies (also known as clotted blood or thick blood). One hypothesis is that perhaps this condition of clumping red blood cells can cause certain diseases. These closely clumped and often abnormally-shaped cells would theoretically be less able to deliver their valuable load of oxygen to the surrounding cells.

A microscope gives an opportunity to study blood cells in a live-action condition and shows cell vitality increases when using Ionic Prime mineral supplement. To prove this theory, have your doctor take your blood before taking Ionic Prime. If your blood flow is unhealthy, it will clot and have a sticky “look”. After that, take one teaspoon of Ionic Prime and wait 15 to 30 minutes. You can watch your blood cells change before your eyes!

Directions: You should NEVER take Ionic Prime alone. You should always mix it in juice and only put in 1/8 teaspoon at a time. The fast burst of energy will overcome the taste!

The “Micro-Magnetic Ionic Processcauses the ionic minerals to be absorbed quickly. Life-enriching electrolytes will restore pH balance and improve your overall blood analysis in just a matter of minutes!

The discovery of the “Micro-Magnetic Ionic Process by Salus Prime’s professional team has opened a new world of possibilities for those who have experienced it firsthand. Some women even claim that Ionic Minerals works as a natural hormone with menstrual cramps and even premenstrual syndrome!

Ionic Prime minerals may enhance:


  • Blood
  • pH Balance
  • Electrolytes
  • Cellular health


Salus PrimeTM, its staff, employees, leaders, owners, and founders, as well as the contents of product literature, make no medical claims or imply no medical advice concerning health, cures, and healing. As with any nutritional supplement, we suggest you see your physician before using these or any other nutritional products.

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